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    As a high school student, it can be very hard to keep track of all of your assignments and projects. I’ve found it hard to keep track, even when using notepads, reminders, alarms, a calendar, etc. So I created a shortcut to do all of these things for you.
    Note: This does require the Calendar and Reminder apps provided by Apple.
    The steps are as follows:
    1: The shortcut asks the user what the assignment/project name is, sets as HOMEWORK variable
    2: The shortcut asks the user what class the assignment/project is categorized in (from a pre programmed list that can be changed in the shortcut settings), sets as CLASS variable
    3: The shortcut asks the user the date that the assignment/project is due (date only), sets as DATE variable
    4: The shortcut asks the user what the details are of the specific assignment/project (requirements, description, notes, etc.), sets as DETAILS variable
    5: The shortcut asks the user when they want to be reminded of the assignment/project (enters date and time. I set it this way so the user can set the reminder according to their contingencies and situations, instead of a pre-programmed alarm), sets as ALARM variable
    6: Using the variables set above, the shortcut creates a calendar event (in the calendar of choice) set to the due date that the user specified. It also adds the reminder alarm notification into the Calendar app, programmed to the time that the user specified for this alarm. The details are also added into the calendar event.
    7: The same variables are used to create a reminder in the Reminders app, whereas instead the reminder alarm here is set to the due date. Everything else is added as well. This creates a checklist that reminds the user of the due date using notifications. The user, when done with the assignment/project, can go into reminders and check it off the list.

    I find this shortcut to be VERY useful, as I have actually seen an improvement in my grades. I hope to implement more features in the future, like scanning documents and integrating specific apps. This shortcut must be personalized, like the school classes, in the shortcut settings (very simple to set up). If you have any ideas for this shortcut in the future I would very much like to hear about it. This shortcut will be available on the gallery shortly.
    I hope this is of use to you.

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