Applying Helper - Siri Shortcuts

When you are applying to jobs online and its too much work to write them down on a piece of paper and then copy it to your notes for record tracking. This shortcut will make sure that your time isnt wasted when you really want a job and you dont have anytime to waste.

If i were you i would put in your home address when it asks you for the address so you know which job is closest to you.

I hope you enjoy it!

It makes my life much better when my parents ask me for my applications and I actually have something to give to them as proof. Plus some employers will ask you where you found them and what other places have you looked at.

What's New

  • 3.1

    Full renewed Update, with a pinch of bug fixes

  • 2.1

    Updaty stuff

  • 1.1

    Just some updaty things