Botti V1.0 (English) - Siri Shortcuts

This is the English version.

The configure setup says:
(Page 1)
This <> is made by Simon Solberg
I take no responsibility for what you use this remedy for!
Don’t be stupid when using this!
I cannot see your information without your permission
(Page 2)
When you open Botti you can choose and have different things happen for example so can make the Light blink, do not disturb and switch on, Sound on / off, etc.
Here is a list of things you can write:

: S (For Standard)
: Blink (and then how many times it will blink)
: do not disturb (turn on do not disturb)
: Silent (mutes)
: Sound On (turns on sound)
(Page 3)
What do you want the <> to call you?
(Page 4)
Want a password?
Certainly you can’t leave this blank