CMD4iOS - Siri Shortcuts

This is a simple CMD shortcut, completely for fun!
Do UpdateSetup at the start ppl! Else updates will be disabled and no new features!
But this is also a very helpful assistant!
It can help you in many ways, like Installing UpdateKit gor you!

What's New

  • 4.1

    Fixed some bugs

  • 4.0

    2 new features added! Check the help command for them! And by the way, there are some locked features to unlock! Use the following command: Devmode on This command is no longer secret! There are 3 commands with this devmode thing! Devmode - shows whether devmode is on or off Devmode on - turns it on Devmode off - turns it off

  • 3.8

    Fixed some bugs

  • 3.7

    A command stopped working.

  • 3.6

    Changed the description.

  • 3.5

    Psst- there’s some hidden stuff! Find it and *play* it!

  • 3.4

    More bugs killed, more money 4 me. ~Daxter

  • 3.3

    More information.

  • 3.2

    Updated information ℹ️ in the shortcut. I forgot.

  • 3.1

    Added music playback! But its brand new and untested! May contain nut- i mean bugs!

  • 3.0

    All components have been fixed! Hooray!! Now i can add any commands and stuff easily!

  • 2.12

    Fixed more bugs in updating! Now updates finally work!!

  • 2.11

    Fixed more bugs in updating! I hope this is the last!

  • 2.10

    Fixed more bugs and added weather command!

  • 2.9

    Fixed a bug that caused UpdateKit to get errors when checking for updates.

  • 2.8

    When first installed, files are missing and limits you from some features. Its now fixed

  • 2.7

    Fixed another optimisation bug

  • 2.6

    Fixed optimisation bug

  • 2.5

    Some commands refused to obey. So i fixed them up! *wink*

  • 2.4

    Realised that it kept asking you for updates each time you were going to enter a command, now it will ask you everyday!

  • 2.3

    Re-done dialogue boxes

  • 2.2

    I have not even finished this app! Added online program data! Now stores preferences in iCloud!

  • 2.1

    I have not even finished this app so it will need frequent updates!

  • 2.0

    I have not even finished this app so it will need frequent updates!