Control Denon (probably Marantz too) AV Receivers with Shortcuts and Siri

Here’s a quick example of turning on a Denon AVR Xxxx series receiver. I don’t have a Marantz to test it against but it will probably work with theirs as well since it is made by the same company.

It is easy enough to create multiple actions from one by adding additional cmd1, cmd2, etc. to create a pseudo macro. i.e. turn on Denon, change to input CBL/SAT, turn volume to -60dB….

To find additional cmd0, 1, 2, etc:

1. Go to http://yourDenonAVR_IP_Address
2. Turn on the developer menu in Safari
3. Click on something you want to do – e.g. volume up
4. Look at the request in the network tab for index.put.asp and then look at the body of that request and you will find the field you need to set as cmd0, 1, 2, 3, etc.