Funny Q-Quiz V3.0 — By Diana.T1 - Siri Shortcuts

This is a game you can play with 1-4 players using the same phone. Each player takes a turn and has to answer the question truthfully or as best as possible. There is no time limit per round. Once everyone has played their turn all answers will be displayed on the screen with the corresponding player.

This is my first “completely made by me” shortcut game.
I hope you enjoy it!

There is 152 Questions for the 2-4 players.
And 100 Questions for single mode

What's New

  • 4.0

    Added a description

  • 3.1

    Fixed a few details

  • 2.1

    Added a solo version and more questions. And made the game work when replaying

  • 1.1

    Added a description