iOS Download Manager - Siri Shortcuts

It is impossible to download a file in your iCloud or in your iOS device with extensions like EXE, ZIP, RAR, MOV & so on. Apple don’t let their users to download file with such extension in order to prevent piracy and keep their users safe from dangerous viruses and malware. It is very good act by Apple but sometimes we wanted to save some important files in our iCloud drive or in our device. As a example, an office worker might need to save a video presentation with extension AVI. But, that person can’t do that because of Apple haven’t put feature in their devices. However, it is now possible.

I have build this Shortcut named iOS Download Manager. With the help of iOS Download Manager, you can download any file directly into your iOS device or in your iCloud Drive with any type of extension. It is very easy to use and simple, yet epic to use.

It have another very remarkable feature and that is Virus Scanner. It have an option, if enabled then you can scan for viruses and malware before download the file into your device or iCloud drive. It is an optional feature which you can disable as well from settings.

– Any File Downloader
– Inbuilt Virus Scanner
– Save file to Device, iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive and many more (Make sure you have installed the – other cloud storage apps)
– Inbuilt Shortcut Updater
– Localisation available & many more…

You can contribute by translating the Shortcut or by donating some coins to developer so that he can stay motivated.

Made with Love by Harman Singh Hira from New Zealand