iTask - Siri Shortcuts

iTask comes back full of bright!
A sea of bugs has been resolved and others’ll be resolved in the next out-coming.
Now you can use iTask in more ways than before, like the new function “Search on App Store” that makes you type any app name and than you find a list of maximum 10 apps and you have to choose what’s the app you were searching for.
Then you can choose to save it on the Notes App or to open it on the App Store.

Thanks to this new out-coming iTask has less bugs than before for another reason: being created with iOS 12 there would be some issues on an higher version, so it has been tested and a lot of problems have been resolved.

For new people, you need to know that iTask is a multifunctional siri shortcut that can really make your life easier and smarter.
I don’t want to tell you all it’s functions, go and discover them on your own!

I hope a lote of people will download this, because it has been made with heart during the night, so losing a lot of time that should be used to sleep.