Meme Generator - Siri Shortcuts

This Shortcut takes an image and asks you for a snazzy top and bottom text for your Meme! Now also includes a plain text Meme generator and Meme templates with previews 🙂

Now includes meme previews!
Meme Preview (

* Create memes from templates
* Create a meme with a custom image URL
* Create memes with a custom image
* Create plain text memes
* Option to remove the Memegen watermark from custom memes (won’t work for templates and images from URLs for now)

* This Shortcut uses UpdateKit (2.0) ( — A Shortcut for keeping shortcuts like these updated!
* is used to generate the Memes and leaves a little ‘’ watermark on the bottom-left corner — there is an option to remove this, but if it doesn’t bother you consider leaving it on there to support them.
* This Shortcut saves your custom image temporarily to your Dropbox and shares the public link to that image with to generate the Meme. The image is then removed from your Dropbox