Backup Photos x10 times Faster - Siri Shortcuts

Backup your precious photos as PDFs in seconds rather than minutes or hours. Not only can you back them up but you can delete the photos that take up space on your phone, once they are converted into PDFs, and thats all in a few taps!

We all had that problem where your phone keeps telling you to free up space because you wanted to keep your photos on your precious phone. Right?

Well, worry no more!

This shortcut will take all of the precious photos you have in your recents album on your phone and convert them into a single PDF file. The quality of your photo never changed its still in that Ultra HD quality from your trip to Florida last year. This shortcut will not only save your photos as a Single PDF but once the PDF is downloaded your phone will ask you if you’d like to delete the photos in your recent album. Your PDF can then be Exported to Google drive, Icloud Drive, Email, and much much more…. as long as you have the application installed on your device IE Google drive, or Dropbox.

Instead of taking ages, and I mean Ages to upload Example: 369 photos to google drive which your phone would only allow you to upload directly to google drive, about 3-8 photos at a time with a total of 5 minutes for each 3-8 photos. Instead You can upload 369 photos in 5 minutes “UnderExagerated”. That’s x369 times faster than the amount of time per photo. Or x3,690 times faster than the actual time for all photos.

What's New

  • 2.4

    Updaty stuff

  • 1.4

    Few updaty things to the description and name of shortcut and all only in this website... nothing shortcuty changed

  • 1.3

    Changed the name of shortcut

  • 1.2

    Just editing the description norhing big

  • 1.1

    Just editing the description norhing big