PIN Protector - Siri Shortcuts

Simply install the Shortcut, specify a 4 digit number, can be memorable like a year of birth or completely random.

The number must be kept the same otherwise your PINs will all change.

Then use the last 4 numbers of any card to generate a unique PIN. Once you’ve changed the card’s PIN to the one PIN Generator gives you you’ll never have to remember it again. Every time you need the PIN simply enter the last 4 digits to retrieve the PIN.

You can now keep a different PIN for each and every card meaning that if you ever lost or had your wallet or purse stolen, you do at least have different PINs for each card.

One word of caution – it’s probably not a good idea to use this shortcut via Siri as you don’t want your PIN read out load… unless of course you’re wearing headphones.

Paul Thomson @Tech4Parents