Receipt / General Purpose Cataloguing Tool - Siri Shortcuts

In order to use this, you will need:

– A Photos album called “Receipts”
– A folder called “Receipts” inside the “Shortcuts” folder in iCloud drive
– A calendar called “Calendar” or otherwise you may redirect the calendar to one of your choice
This shortcut will automatically save photos with your desired filename and current timestamp to the “Receipts” folder in the Photos app, create a calendar event with the location, name of receipt, and number of photos taken, and upload the photos to iCloud automatically.

You will also be prompted with the option to take additional photos in case you misjudged how many photos you needed to take during the first prompt. Once all is done, a notification will be shown at the top of the screen telling you how many photos were taken.

While the shortcut is called “Receipts” it is a general purpose cataloging shortcut.