SafeReelsX - Siri Shortcuts

This Shortcut is designed to enhance privacy by stripping the tracking code added to Instagram Reels and X/Twitter URLs when shared.

Send links directly from the Share button or copy to the clipboadd and run SafeReelsX. It removes the appended tracking data, ensuring the link is clean.

After processing, the clean URL is automatically copied to clipboard. If the clipboard method was used, SafeReelX will also offer the option to open the cleaned link.

What's New

  • 2.0

    v1.0:- Improved URL handling and processing with better RegEx strings- Improved stability with better logic and control flow.- Bumping to v1.0 to reflect project maturity and functionality.0.4 (dev build):- Changed Shortcut name to ‘SafeReelsX’- Adding support for X/Twitter share links (beta)- Added input source detection.- Added modularity to UI events based on input source.

  • 1.1

    Updated metadata and author information