Talk to Lloyd from Helix - Siri Shortcuts

If you live or work in a zone secured by the Helix access control system, and have an approved Helix account created via our mobile app, then this action is for you.

When passing through a Helix checkpoint, there may be times when you’d prefer to skip the face scan. e.g. When it’s raining. To do so, setup your callsign and passphrase on the mobile app. (Navigate to “My Profile > Voice Access”, then select a callsign from the dropdown menu and record a passphrase of your choosing”).

Once complete, notify Lloyd of your impending arrival by saying “Hey Siri, talk to Lloyd from Helix”.
Wait to be prompted for your callsign and passphrase, then speak your callsign followed immediately by your passphrase, without adding any extra words.
e.g. If your callsign is “Apollo” and your passphrase is “will be arriving soon”, then you would say: “Apollo will be arriving soon.”

You may now drive up to a checkpoint in one of the vehicles you have registered on the Helix app, and the checkpoint will open automatically. (Make sure that your car is in clear view of the number plate camera).