Universal Pay Tool - Siri Shortcuts

This pay widget does 2 things. on Venmo, CashApp, and PayPal and Google Pay, it looks at your user send link (venmo URL or cash.me link for example) and generates a QR code for anyone with you to scan and send you money. With Google Pay however, you just provide your email address.

next, it allows you to send money directly to someone using the built in measures for CashApp, Venmo, and Apple Pay. With apple pay, since you cant give someone a reference link, it just lets you request from someone.

once this is installed, look through the shortcut and fill in the information. for the QR codes. feel free to add or remove services too.

NOTE: Google pay and PayPal both dont let you send money to someone through Shortcuts yet. once that is enabled, i will be adding that in there.

here is it in action!