Write My Thoughts 💭 - Siri Shortcuts

When you are a creative person and dont have a scribe or the time to grab a pen and paper or simply your notes app. You can just say it out loud and all your words will be put in a folder of your choice.

Prefferably a separate folder in your notes app.

I got this idea from myself. I sometimes talk to myself especially during the pandemic and aome of those things i say are worth writing down but i never have the time to type them in by hand as i speak so this will definitely help me.

And i hope some of you will find it helpful as well.

Tip: edit the dictate settings in this shortcut to the language you use before using the shortcut. It will simplify your life and it will save some precious time of words running through your thoughts.

Some benificial uses to this shortcut are/might be;

• Writing books/articles
• Poetry
• for personal (non medical) psychologic assesments
• dream talking
• conversations
• conference records
• grocery lists
• memories
• Alzheimer’s memory records
• proof of speech
• proof in court
• spying
• short term memory lost
• EA school aid
• amputee
• paralysis aid
• scribe
• essays
• homework
• memorizing
• to do list
• accounting
• filing

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