Youtube Coder! - Siri Shortcuts

Welcome to Youtube Coder! This shortcut lets you download songs! This only downloads audio by the way, it was harder to do video. This encodes audio via base64! So it can only be accessed via shortcuts! The audio is stored in a common format, .txt, but even if you change the file extension, you can’t get in! Added privacy! And you can export it as plain audio (apple lossless, .m4a).

What's New

  • 4.0


  • 3.8

    Media no longer saves to iCloudDrive, because that is stupid.

  • 3.7

    Bug fixes

  • 3.6

    Typo. -_-

  • 3.5

    Added something that i can no longer remember, but check out the note at the top! Sneaky thing in it!

  • 3.4

    Added feature blockers to ruin your experience. Jk i added a ‘no internet’ warning. It aborts actions like checking for updates and downloading stuff when you are offline and tells you to go online and to then try again.

  • 3.3

    Got rid of useless code. by the way, its better to run in the editor

  • 3.2

    Changed description cos of another error

  • 3.1

    Changed description cos of an error

  • 3.0

    Changed description

  • 2.0

    Changed lots of stuff that i cant rly remember, but there is a new feature!

  • 1.6

    fixed one last bug for today!

  • 1.5

    App will not work until you install update kit. So install update kit.

  • 1.4

    made the app a bit more, seamless? I guess you could say that!

  • 1.3

    Sorted some update related stuff

  • 1.2

    Added UpdateKit installer built in!

  • 1.1

    Added UpdateKit