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Writing Nerd Pro

Writing Nerd Pro is a Shortcut that generates a story about anything you want!

Siri GPT (let’s chat)

Just saying the word let’s chat you have the ultimate AI in Siri. It’s only usable through Siri but it is an awesome shortcut. You should always use it because when you do you get chat for free you only just need to say let’s chat and you just need to, actually sign...

Summarize Topic

Summarize Topic Is a shortcut that Summarize a topic for you! It uses ChatGPT!

Siri AI

Unfortunately Siri might not get AI for the IPhone 15 and under but this shortcut has AI(ChatGPT) in it and it has Siri voice so it basically Siri but it has AI If you do not have ChatGPT this shortcut will not work properly!


Are you too lazy to copy some text and paste it in Google because you don’t know something? Fear not, with QuickGPT! Select some text, and let the magic happen.