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ShortcutOS 1.0

An OS in shortcuts. Use and make a new version. (no not for kids stuff though)

Ultra Battery Saver (V. 1.2)

This is my first shortcut and it is perfect for me maybe for u to ? I made it more perfect now you can decide if u want to deaktivate WIFI or not. It sets everything off (Bluetooth, WiFi, cellular) It sets batterysavemode on It turns dark mode on if u want And it sets...

Ultra Battry Saver

This is my first shortcut an I find it is perfect for me so maybe for u to ? Set everything off ( Bluetooth, WiFi, cellular ) Sets battrysavemode on Sets brightness on 1% if u want u can set to ultra low display ( this is ULTRA LOW )

Codificar Audio

Codifica un audio, creado para pode personalizar los sonidos en automatizaciones