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Create a note to send as a message or an email. A list is created as a Note that can be sent as a message or as an email. The list gets a custom name that you create before you are prompted to add items to the list. There is also an option to delete the note, if you...

All About Me

This note takes you device’s information and makes a note of it. It’s not really a needed shortcut but hey, I need something to do and this is what I make. Thanks for your time, Sam P.S. This does NOT send your information to me or anyone. I know what it feels like to...

Robux Calculator

Hey! I’m Sam. I worked on this robux calculator. No, it doesn’t give you robux. (I’m not THAT good yet.) I hope you enjoy my shortcut.

Quick Dictated Note

Quickly dictate a note and have it save to Notes without even having to open an app. Works really well when trigged using the new back tap feature. Visit


Shazam songs with shortcut and save them to playlist in Apple music app. Also keep note of all songs in notes.