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MuseScore Downloader

Just share a MuseScore page to the shortcut and download the sheet music as images or a pdf!

Delete Non-Favorite Photos (or other filters)

Perfect for the trigger happy photographer like myself, who likes to take more photos than necessary to capture the perfect moment. As long as you have favorited or moved the “best shots” to a folder or album, this shortcut will help you get rid of all of...

Blur Faces

This shortcut blur’s people’s faces out and makes a copy with zero metadata within the copied photo. Feel free to donate (for server costs and software) *Update* We have a good amount for server and software costs. We are surprised by how fast this spread....

Resize Image to X MB

This shortcut allows you to set the desired image size in Megabites and it will resize the image accordingly. Helpful if you want to send smaller photos or when you need to attch a photo but you habe a cap on the attachment size.