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Resize Image to X MB

This shortcut allows you to set the desired image size in Megabites and it will resize the image accordingly. Helpful if you want to send smaller photos or when you need to attch a photo but you habe a cap on the attachment size.

One-Click Menu

If you find life difficult because you are constantly repeating the same, painstaking (not to mention lengthy), task every day? If so, this is the perfect shortcut for you! Once used, it opens a menu that allows you to choose from many everyday tasks, such as sharing...

Color Photo Backgrounds

Builds a menu of 1×1 color pixels to choose from and lets you scale them to a desired size, apply masks, overlay another image and save the result to the Camera Roll photo album.

Photo Time Stamp

The shortcut prompts you to select a photo. It then takes the Date Taken information from the photo’s Metadata, generates a timestamp, and overlays it on the original picture. It also allows you to adjust the opacity, scale (two finger pinch), rotation (again...