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Launch @Menu

Im not the best at describing but its a menu that will have alot of features soon. Addons: @Themes download:

Tip Calculator

Type your bill for wherever you are, and you can choose the tip percentage you want from 5% – 30% and it will calculate then tell you your tip amount and total amount!

Math Man V1

This shortcut I have made can help you with math problems, what it can do is; -Random Number Generator -Area -Basic Pi -Volume -Average Calculator -Imperial and Metric Converter This is the first version and it will be updated later in the...

What emoji represents you?

Basically this is a fun little tool that you can do with your friends! It generates a random emoji and explains why it represents you! It can also, if you want, generate your spirit animal!

QR Code Creator

Sick and tired of going to an website, just to create a QR Code for an website? Say no more with the new shortcut, ‘QR Code Creator’. It’s easy to use and easy to get used to, plus, it’s free, it saves in you’re Photo Album so you don’t lose it & you can use it...