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Spotify to MP3

Download songs from Spotify in MP3. It works on iPhone and Mac.

Spotify to Shazam

This shortcut takes your “Shazam It” shortcut request and runs it through Spotify all on your device without external API’s. This shortcut was created with the idea of privacy in mind and not sending data to random websites. Just click the shortcut...

Shazam to Spotify Track

Activate microphone, detects the song, search for Shazam track, open and you’re done. Faster than Shazam app 😉 Extra tip: assign it to triple back-tap for a true killer shortcut.

Sleepy Head

A shortcut to play the last played playlist on Spotify for a specified time period.

Boldly go

If you love Star Trek and need to know where to boldly go, this is for you. Input the address when prompted and select a Spotify list if you don’t want to hear Star Trek scores. Siri, your number one, will boldly go to wherever you need. I put in a couple fun effects,...