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Flying Simulator

Flying Simulator Is a shortcut that is a simulation of you flying around the world!

Siri Yapping

🔴You can activate this Siri shortcut by saying “hey Siri Start Yapping“ and Siri will automatically turn on this shortcut!🔴 Siri Yapping is a shortcut that makes Siri talk a lot!


✨This Shortcut Helps You To Listen To Your Favourite Music / Song Without Any App ❄️Use This Shortcut and Search and Listen To Your Song ✨Song Will Play in Background Means You Can Do Your Work and Listen To Song 🚀 You Guys Can Listen To Songs From YouTube Too Without...

Money Clicker BETA

Money Clicker BETA Is a shortcut that you can use to have fun by clicking on the button that says “Free money 💰”

Photo Booth

Photo Booth is a shortcut that’s inspired by apple Photo Booth app for iPads so I tried to make it!