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Launch @Menu

Im not the best at describing but its a menu that will have alot of features soon. Addons: @Themes download:

All Lenny Emojis

Get All the Lenny Emojis copied to your clip board as well as a new note with all of the Lenny Emojjs!

Custom flag

Make you own flag with 🟥🟧🟨🟩🟦🟪⬛️⬜️🟫 in different shapes and styles. Export either as a text string, or a photo.

Game concept

It’s really just the bare bones of a game I’ve been trying to do something with. Perhaps the amazing shortcuts community can make it something worth downloading. Just give me credit for the basic design of the game, that’s if you can be bothered to do anything with...


Often, like on social media, an image in landscape orientation looks better than one in portrait. What do you do when all you have is a good-looking portrait image? Landscapeify it! 😉