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You can call emergency service or call mom, you can use a flashlight emergency signals.

Check Health 1.0

This shortcut helps you by showing you how much you need per day. 🍕🍕

How Old Am I?

This shortcut helps you quickly remember your current age. Simply tap it to hear Siri tell you how old you are.

Hearing Aid

A Live Listen alternative with noise reduction and tinnitus masking. Use an any pair of earbuds as a hearing aid and tinnitus masking aid. Do you want a way to enable Live Listen or have a way to mask ringing in your ears (Tinnitus) using any type or earbud, earphone...

Emergency Podcast

For health care providers. This Shortcut gives you an access to some Podcasts shows about emergency medicine. You can run the Shortcut by saying this phrase “Emergency Podcast” to Siri or you can add the shortcut to your Home Screen and run it from...