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Traveler’s Assistant

“Mmm… I could crave some pizza right now. But, I don’t know any pizza shops near me!” Well it’s your lucky day. By using my Shortcut, you can find all the pizza shops near you. What if I told you, it doesn’t only show you pizza shops, but literally anything you want?...

MBTA – Next Departure

Given a stop id, outputs the time of the next predicted departure. A list of stops can be found here:

Beregn Benzin Forbrug

Brug denne Shortcut, hvis du gerne vil finde ud af hvor meget det har kostet dig, at køre en tur.

I’m Traveling

Use Siri to get a route overview and view it in Maps. The shortcut will get an overview of the route from the Bing search website and use the ChatGPT app to generate the result. Activate the shortcut with “Hey Siri: I’m Traveling” provide the city...