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✨ Turn your photos into a description ✨ This is a one of a kind, free to use, Ai image describer.


A simple paint program in Shortcuts. In this Shortcut you can draw on a photo, draw on a blank space and convert your drawings to a photo!

Time Card 2.0

Small shortcut for keeping track of your hours at work. Punch in, punch out, the shortcut will save the date, start and end time, hours worked that day, and total hours worked to date in notes and create a calender event in the “Work” calender. Option to...

AI Text Humanizer

Transform your AI generated content into Humanize content to bypasses all ai detector and your content sound like human written content. It can prevent flagging your content Also maintain the originality and professional tone of your content as well.


This is a pack. Please install coder01, uncoder01, uncoder01 for Siri, uncoder01b, coder01b. This is a coder on Shortcuts.