Control Centre 5
Control Centre 5 Built on the foundations of Control Centre 4 is is the latest version adding in the new features of IOS 12.1 and shortcuts 2.1. Both will need to be updated to run CC5. Link to CC5 Lite Control Centre 5 has been split in to Two Parts to allow a more robust and more flexible set of Shortcuts.Although each will run fine by themselves when run together they are just one application. New features Control Centre 5 Lite (separate app but runs together seamlessly with CC5) Full compliment of Maps and travel, including Park my car, take me home,share location,find local business,use public transport,next event directions, Airplane Modes,travel planning between cities, and Where am I?. Daily section includes New Alarms, for today,by day and time,Alarm on Off, and set timers. Open Apple news, BBC news (change these as you wish),Chechen today’s calendar, social media full compliments,Twitter,Facebook and Instagram. And the stunning new Weather Forecasts on iOS Shortcuts 2.1 For Current location,Daily current by hour,choose a city by the hour, and long range forecast by the city, all copied to the clipboard for additional use. Check for updates. Link to CC5 Lite (Thanks to the original authors of Subscriptions, Wi-Fi Sharing, please contact me happy to credit) everything else is my own work though trial and error, watching and learning by seeing what others are producing and picking up tips along the way.

- Tony Dudley