Pro - Siri Shortcuts

Welcome to Pro!


When you first run the shortcut, it will ask you to download two different shortcuts the first one will be a shortcut called BitUpdate in order to check for updates (Not Required) the second one will be a shortcut called “Pro Encoder” and that shortcut helps the main one (Required)! After you get all that you will be able to use the shortcut properly!

How to use:

So, after you got everything setup (You will never need to do the setup again!) you can now start using the shortcut! First, when you run it, it will ask you “How can I help?”

What's New

  • 1.1

    Sorry for the delay of 3.7 has I encountered a few problems with Pro. What’s new?: •Adds two new actions to the Page 2 action! ⚠️ in the Page 2 action you will find a action called “DONT CLICK” please do not click this action has it has top secret ProCreations info in it!