TikTok Down (No Watermark) - Siri Shortcuts

A free unlimited and simple TikTok Video downloader without a watermark.


No water mark 💯
Fast download 🚀
No other apps required 💢
Able to view downloaded videos in TikTok 🤩
How to download a TikTok video

When viewing a TikTok video click share, more and then select “TikTok Down”. If it’s your first time running this shortcut, you may be prompted to allow the shortcut to download your video, in this case just click allow everytime.

How to View Downloaded Videos in TikTok

Go into the Fotos app, select your video and click share. Then select “TikTok Down” from the list at the bottom. Done

This shortcut uses my own api, which is user privacy focused. No logs or anything