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Breakfast Nearby Event

Allows you to choose a Calendar Event that you’re going to today, searches for Breakfast locations in/near that city, and shows them in the Maps application.

Homework Log

A homework shortcut that logs and tracks your assignments along with an alarm function.

Copy Free Time

Pick a date and this will grab your calendar events, then copy all the times where you don‘t have meetings.

Create Private/Business Calendar Events

This shortcut allows to select the calendar type (Private/Business) first and then guides you through other main fields. I never use the iOS Calendar app to create events as I constantly create them in the wrong calendar. Changing the calendar is of course possible...

Add Event

Tired of having to go into your Calendar to add all of your events? Just add this shortcut to your widgets or home screen and fill out the super easy prompts and it will add your event to your calendar. It will automatically find the place your event is at and save...