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Cat Fact

Gets a random cat fact with a goofy little cat picture! *USES AND API*

Duolingo streak saver

This is a shortcut that can be in the share sheet. once you share the reward to the shortcut, it gets the number and date, and saves it to a folder you create.

ED Notifs

ūüĒĒ Ce raccourci vous permet de recevoir des notifications √† chaque √©v√©nement Ecole Directe (Notes, Cours annul√©/modifi√©‚Ķ) ____________________________ PLUS QU’UN RACCOURCI, UNE EXTENSION Notes, emploi du temps, vie scolaire ou documents, vous √™tes inform√©s de...

HackWare App Store

This is the official HackWare App Store. We made this because you can only upload 1 shortcut on shortcutsgallery so we can still upload all our apps. Make sure to check for updates!


Translates any text to any language you want to help you when abroad