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Defuse The Bomb! 💣

You between your friends will be a Terrorist placing a Bomb! But someone else aswell, has to save the place from exploding. The Bomb can be placed between A and B. Don’t have any friends? (relatable 😔) Well don’t worry! You can battle against an AI. Why not try this...

Rock Paper Scissors

We all know the game Rock Paper Scissors. But if you have no friends to play with, try this little app I made.

ControCentE0.9 Must Read Description Important

A Menu For Ipads, Iphones Support Most Of The Versions (Reccommend To Do) Open Assistive Touch And Add This Shortcut Then Click The Black Icon And Click ControCentE0.9 You Can Use It Without Opening Shortcuts App While Using Select What You Want To Do If U Looking For...