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E Music 1

A fun music game where you guess the song that is playing.

Moonbase Alpha TTs

This is my first ever shortcut! You can enter any text you want, and it will be played using the Moonbase Alpha TTs. You can make it play music, and find different codes for songs online. Just google for it. I‘ve added an Easter-Egg!


-— SaturnBotv1.1 —- -— Note —- This is an advanced Bot so changing code might break things. ⚠️ -— Commands —- – basic – • /help : shows a list of all commands • /dice : rolls a dice • /today : shows the date, weather, etc. • /about : shows info about the...

Dice Roller

Do you have no dice at home? Maybe you want to roll a D100? Then this is the perfect shortcut for you! Just type in how many and what dice to roll and you’ll get the result! It uses maths to not make rolls that are too high/low as common as the average roll. If...