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Scan UPC/EAN to List

Scans a Bar Code and if it appears to be a UPC (12 numbers), it uses upcitemid.com to look up the product name and add it to a Reminder list (e.g. your grocery list).

Copy Free Time

Pick a date and this will grab your calendar events, then copy all the times where you don‘t have meetings.


Frame your device screenshot Support Devices: → iPhone → iPad → iMac → Macbook → Apple Watch → Apple TV

Sales Follow Up

This shortcut will assist salespeople to send automated follow up emails after a meeting, will create a reminder for a later date as well. Enjoy!

Order pizza

This does what it says on the label – making it easier for you to order pizza, and get there as soon as it’s ready. When run, it will search your contacts to find any with the word pizza as the note. You’ll then be presented a list of those contacts, and you...