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Mav Export | Download TikTok Video Without Watermark

Mav Export is a free iOS shortcut to download TikTok videos for free without any watermark. How To Download : Select Desired Video From TikTok App > Click On Share > Click On Others > Select Mav Export > Done! Video will be saved in Recent Photos section...

Lock app

This shortcut will lock. Your any app first you have to remove it from the Home Screen and than use the same logo and add to the short cut this shortcut is only for YouTube

All Media Downloader

This shortcut downloads videos/images from social media apps. Currently supports: Facebook (public videos only), Instagram(reels, videos, images,stories), Reddit(videos only), Pinterest(images and videos), Twitter(videos only), YouTube(videos only), TikTok[download...


Troll your friends with a loud sound 😈


InsDown is a little and simple ios shortcut. it allows you to download instagram photos and videos and igTV in public pages. sadly private accounts not supported. no login required. how to download? touch 3dot button in instagram post then click share-to after that...