Dictate To... - Siri Shortcuts

The Ultimate All-In-One Dictate shortcut for your iOS Device!

Dictate To… allows you to dictate and send to a whole host of Services from Whatsapp to Things to Bear.

*SUPPORT FOR SPOTIFY NOW IN 1.1!* (Read Release Notes)

Apps/Services supported in 1.0:

* iOS Clipboard
* Whatsapp
* iMessage
* Twitter
* Tweetbot
* Facebook
* Things
* Bear

Support for Telegram, Trello, Slack and much more coming soon. (When developers enable siri shortcuts)

What's New

  • 1.1

    * Support for Spotify search. Once Spotify opens it will play the song immediately. (Only works with Songs and not Albums) This is from Dictate to Spotify, but now integrated into the Powerful “Dictate To..” Shortcut.