AdBlock Prime - Siri Shortcuts

This shortcut provides fews steps for downloading and installing an iOS Profile 100% secure which will block all ads from Safari, any web browser and any app, without VPN and without any app running background. 100% safe, 0% battery drain, 200% awesomeness!!

AdBlock Prime FAQ:

[] What is AdBlock Prime and how is it different from other ad-blockers? AdBlock Prime is the most advanced iOS ad blocking app. It partners with iOS, working at the system-level to fight ads before they even load, in browsers and in apps. AdBlock Prime works with iPhone and iPad. It feeds your device a constantly updated list of advertising domains to blacklist.

[] What devices does AdBlock Prime work with? AdBlock Prime works with any iOS devices: iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

[] Does AdBlock Prime only work in Safari? Not at all! AdBlock Prime works with any browser available on the App Store, and there’s nothing to configure – the ads will be blocked in your browser of choice automatically, at the system level.

[] Does AdBlock Prime drain my battery or use up more cellular data? Absolutely not. In fact, now that your device is ad-free, you should experience better device performance, battery life, and cellular data consumption.

[] How do I install AdBlock Prime on my iOS device? Open this site on your iOS device and tap “Get Adblock Prime”. You’ll then be redirected to the Settings page on your device to complete the process. It’s that easy. Learn More.

[] What is MDM? MDM, or Mobile Device Management, is an iOS protocol that allows system administrators to send information or requests to iOS devices. AdBlock Prime uses MDM profiles to provide your device with an up-to-date advertising web domain blacklist. It also lets AdBlock Prime block in-app ads. In order to provide this service, AdBlock Prime receives information about the apps installed on your device, and limited anonymized or de-identified and aggregated data on your device. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.

[] Why is AdBlock Prime not in the App Store? Due to Apple’s restrictions, App Store apps cannot block ads outside Safari. To offer complete ad blocking on your iOS device, we need to utilize an iOS MDM profile.

[] Why does the installation process say that the profile can remotely manage my phone? iOS profiles are often used to manage employee or student devices, so they have certain abilities beyond normal App Store apps. Apple takes their users’ security seriously, and therefore try to ensure that you trust the developer of a given Profile before installation. That being said, we cannot remotely manage your device, as we don’t request all of the necessary permissions. The only thing AdBlock Prime utilizes the Profile for, is to remotely update AdBlock settings. We urge you to contact us with any concerns.

[] How do I uninstall AdBlock Prime? Open Settings on your iOS device. Go to General and click on Profile, find the AdBlock Prime Profile and click Delete Profile on the following screen.

[] Can I install AdBlock Prime on my computer? AdBlock Prime is exclusive to iOS devices, so it must be installed from an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Additionally, AdBlock Prime must be installed from the Safari browser (though it will work on all browsers after installation