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Does what you think it does, takes text and translates it using Google Translate! The translated text will be presented and can then be saved to your clipboard 🙂 The Shortcut can also be used from other

Google Translate Example Screenshot:

* Works seamlessly without showing the user a webpage
* Translate any text into your favourite languages!
* This Shortcut can be called from another Shortcut and will return the translated text seamlessly (examples below)

Calling from another Shortcut
* Shortcut: Basic Example:
* Shortcut: Quickly translate to English and copy to Clipboard:

* This Shortcut uses UpdateKit (2.0) ( — A Shortcut for keeping shortcuts like these updated!
* Credits to matheuss ( for his work, it helped me figure out how to get the Google Translate API working with this Shortcut

What's New

  • 1.1

    fix description