iLocate - Siri Shortcuts

Save your favorite locations, places you want to explore, parking lots that have free parking, or really any location you want.

It keeps the locations address, coordinates, tags to search for, and notes about the location.

You can edit some of the information at any time.

Don’t want people messing with your locations? Set up a password to protect them!

Choose which tabs you want to password protect or which can be available to a friend using your phone.

Keep in mind, the password is a deterrent, anyone with sufficient shortcuts knowledge could get passed it if they wanted. Always trust the people you lend your phone too!

Open your location in Google Maps or Copy the Address to your clipboard.

This shortcut should suite you well if you want to save your locations in your own personal data, rather than let the big guys know what places you are interested in.

iLocate, Explore. Play. Remember where you are.