iTask - Siri Shortcuts

iTask can make your life really easier.

It’s a multifunctional shortcut that can execute a lot of orders in the clearest and simple way.
You’ll need only some clicks to use it.

It’s supported on iOS 12 and higher, and its functions are:
• Make a pause
• Short your URL
• Ultra Low Battery Mode
• Correct your text
• Save a note
• Search on dictionary
• Zip/Unzip file
• Create a PDF
• Share home’s WI-FI with QR Code

I’ll try to add always more and more functions to make it more multifunctional and easy to understand.

Know that most of the bugs are already known and I already know how to fix them, but it needs time, so I’ll try to fix them all in every update.
And obviously, in every update, I need to include a minimum of 1 more function!

My motto? “Simplicity and clarity are the first included functions if you use iTask”

Try it and leave your feedback!

To contact me, you can send me an email: [email protected]
or you can simply text me on Telegram: @GabrieleYT9768
I’m waiting for your feedback! 😊