Log Vitamins - Siri Shortcuts

This is my personal shortcut for adding data points to the vitamins I take. This shortcut tracks a specific multivitamin, as well as a couple generic supplements. The multivitamin will almost certainly need to be reconfigured based on what you take (if you take exactly the same obscure bodybuilding multi I do, congrats! lol), but this shortcut can serve as a template to follow. The generic vitamins scripting can basically be copied for whatever you take. All you have to do is duplicate the scripting and read the info off of your vitamin bottle.
JUST A HEADS UP: Certain vitamins (A, D, E) use IUs as their form of measurement, but Apple Health doesn’t allow for this measurement type. So they’ve been converted to milligrams or micrograms.

What's New

  • 1.1

    Just added a note explaining the conversion of IU to milligram and microgram for the vitamins that need the conversion (because Apple Health doesn’t allow use of IU).