Question - Siri Shortcuts

A genuine Siri replacement using Bing search and ChatGPT. Unlike shortcuts that incorporate ChatGPT with Siri, Question uses Bing search on the web as the backend and ChatGPT to generate the result. This means you can get a real-time answer to a question using Siri.

Activate the shortcut with “Hey Siri: Question”

Examples of things to ask:

– A restaurant near me
– Distance to city, state
– Today’s weather
– Stock market Dow, Nasdaq or S&P

You can also:

– Generate a fictional story or email (with provided parameters)

*The ChatGPT app is required for this shortcut.

*Answers to questions are available in the History section of the ChatGPT app.

*Make sure “While Using the App” is selected in Settings – Location Services – Safari Websites. You may need to go to in Safari and do a search to enable location permissions.

*Question cannot be used to open an app or get information from iOS apps on your device. You will need to stop the shortcut to return to basic Siri.

*You may get an error from ChatGPT if your question is too vague.