Send WhatsApp message to any number - Siri Shortcuts

One of the most annoying parts of WhatsApp is that you have to add a phone number into your contacts first to be able to send a message to that number.

When you are doing house searching or selling something and have to message number of random numbers, this quickly fills up your contact data with junk

My v1.6 shortcut that I built
Allows you to WhatsApp any number without adding them into your contacts
The Workflow is smart so you can customize the country code in the parameter. By default I have set it to 65 which is country code for +65 (Singapore)
If you have a phone number in your clipboard the workflow will give you a choice to use that phone number or enter a new number
You can run it as a widget or add to your home screen as you see fit
The latest version now allows you start WhatsApp chat from the iOS share sheet as well

Enjoy !

Ps. This is iOS 12 of course as you need shortcuts app!