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Whatsapp no.

Help you to add people Whatsapp number without saving to your contacts.

Send WA message

This shortcut allows to send a WhatsApp message to any number not needing to add it as a contact. The number can be typed, grabbed from clipboard or shared from phone-call logs (info -> share -> Send WA message)

Send Whatsapp to non-contact

works around the bugs that WhatsApp added so we can continue to chat with people without actually adding them to your contact list.

WhatsApp Unsaved Contact

Guys! If you ever want to WhatsApp a number on a one time basis without saving their contact! Here’s a Siri Shortcut for you! Courtesy- Pranav 😉 PS: Add the shortcut to your home screen. Copy the number to your clipboard and click on this shortcut!...

Whatsapp no save

Send a message without save the number. You can get it from clipboard or you can type it.