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WhatsApp Unsaved Contact

Guys! If you ever want to WhatsApp a number on a one time basis without saving their contact! Here’s a Siri Shortcut for you! Courtesy- Pranav 😉 PS: Add the shortcut to your home screen. Copy the number to your clipboard and click on this shortcut!...

Whatsapp no save

Send a message without save the number. You can get it from clipboard or you can type it.

Share WhatsApp

Share your WhatsApp with others via QR Code. The QR Code will take people directly to a chat with you on WhatsApp. You can also set an introduction message.

Whatsapp Msg Repeater

Just another way to annoy your friends. With this, you can write a single text and it will repeat the text 50 times and then sends it to selected contact, It also copies it to clipboard so u can paste it as many times as you may like.

Dictate To…

The Ultimate All-In-One Dictate shortcut for your iOS Device! Dictate To… allows you to dictate and send to a whole host of Services from Whatsapp to Things to Bear. *SUPPORT FOR SPOTIFY NOW IN 1.1!* (Read Release Notes) Apps/Services supported in 1.0: * iOS...