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ScreenshotCompressor v2
What does this shortcut do? It converts the screenshot from png format to heic format and in almost every case it reduces the file size by 10-30 times. Once it verifies that all the screenshots have been converted then the shortcut will delete the original screenshots (although you can find the deleted screenshots in the “recently deleted” in photos app, if for any reason you want to recover the original screenshots). After that's done it also shows a notification with how much space the original screenshot took and how much space the new converted screenshots take and how many screenshots were converted. Prerequisite : THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. Create an album in photos app with the name “Compressed Screenshots” PS : -If you have a large number of Screenshots, it will take a significant of time for them to be converted and saved and then deleted so be patient during your first time using this and if possible just clear out and close all other apps and maybe restart your phone before starting the process (only for the first time and only if you have hundreds or thousands of screenshots). -Go into Settings > Shortcuts > Advanced and then enable all the option EXCEPT "Allow running Scripts" (that's not necessary for this shortcut) -Allow the shortcut to access/save/delete a multiple images when you run the shortcut for the first time. -Also note that for some reason even though preverse metadata toggle is on while converting, the new compressed screenshots

- Hero2296