Delete Non-Favorite Photos (or other filters) - Siri Shortcuts

Perfect for the trigger happy photographer like myself, who likes to take more photos than necessary to capture the perfect moment. As long as you have favorited or moved the “best shots” to a folder or album, this shortcut will help you get rid of all of the ones that didn’t make the cut.

When it comes to deleting photos en mass, there did not appear to be an easy way to run through and delete a bunch of them.

This Shortcut allows you to delete photos from your phone and exclude specified photos or albums with ease.

For confident folks, you can remove the “Choose From” script to breeze through the deletion, but if you would like to double check your selections, it may be a good idea to leave it in.

Please note, that this Shortcut can handle about 500 photos at a time, but repeating the action allows for you to pump through the large amount of photos that you may have on your device.