Omega’s Dev Tools - Siri Shortcuts

A shortcut that contains several functions for developers including an updater and some others. If you need more documentation, please view the RoutineHub Page:

What's New

  • 2.0

    (v1.3.0) This is a huge update with a ton of changes:1. Added an output to the Get Setting Function for when setting does not exist2. It will no longer show an error pop-up when a setting is not found3. Added support for update override, meaning you can have ODT run BitUpdate, Pro Updater, or Lightning Updater instead of using its own built-in by changing a setting.4. The default update checker now uses the internet checker function in ODT5. Added a settings option to the no-input menu.6. Added a markdown conversion function which converts markdown to rich text.7. Added a quick look (full screen) and a Save Results to Files option to the result viewer8. Added iOS 17 Support9. Added a character validation function that will remove characters that can’t be used In file names from text.10. Added proper input validation for the Save Settings & Get Settings functions.11. In the default updater, the shortcut author is now displayed when a shortcut has an updates12. There may be some more I forgot about.

  • 1.3

    (v1.2.2) The feedback button now takes you to my feedback page rather than the shortcut feedback form, Updated the settings format from format version 0 to format version 1 and added a Base64 encoded version of contents and a 2nd MD5 checksum rather than just the SHA512 checksum form the previous version, Added a “Run shortcut with this as the input” option to the advanced result options in the result viewer which will run a shortcut with the result as its input. (v1.2.1): Added a “promptAuthentication” function which asks the user for Face ID/Touch ID in order to continue, Fixed a bug where the Clear Temporary Data option in the user main menu would not work, Added the ability to select which of the In Use & Cache folders you would like to clear, Now when a user uses the external update checker, it will now say that the shortcut they selected it up to date if it gives correct info and is up to date, Changed wording & fixed typos, Added an option to get the ODT Example shortcut to the user main menu.

  • 1.2

    Changes in version 1.2.0:1. Added a cache folder, in_use folder, settings folder, and logs folders which shortcuts can use and are automatically created by Omega’s Dev Tools2. Added Save Settings and Get Settings functions that store settings for shortcuts using a custom format3. When ran with no input, there is now a menu that allows you to check for updates in supported shortcuts, clear temporary files, and give feedback.4. Shortcuts can now support external update checking by checking if the shortcut input is “outputUpdateInfo” and if it is, output the dictionary you use as input for the update function.5. Added a “Speak Result” option the result viewer6. Added a set of Advanced Result Options to the result viewer which includes Generating a hash, and encoding it in Base64.

  • 1.1

    Updated wording to add an author